Missionary Evangelist Raymond Dombeck

Private Chalk Art Lessons

One-to-one, hands-on training is one of the best ways to improve your skills for ministry.  Brother Ray Dombeck offers private personalized chalk art instruction at your home.

About your Instructor

Raymond Dombeck is an experienced artist and a featured instructor at national chalk conferences from Delaware, Michigan, and Texas. He is an experienced art instructor who who is a favorite of his students across the country.



He has taken his live art work ministry to Africa, Russia, Mexico and across much of the US. His wide range of live artistic experience includes mission conferences, revivals, teen camps, children crusades, foreign missionary work, and doing special days with his chalk art. Brother Ray also has over 30 years experience as a professional sign painter and still does baptistery murals around the country.

As a graduate of Pittsburgh Art Institute, with a bachelors of science degree in Graphic Art from Laroache College, Ray learned a unique blend of high contrast, large format, limited palette techniques.

The Tuition

The tuition is $500 for 3 days plus room, food and travel expenses. Sponsor a class with 3 or more students at $300 per student.

For Chalk Art Materials

Paper and chalk can be ordered from Matthew Bowman: www.eternityarts.com

Chalk Art Training Materials, Portable easels and additional suppliers see: www.chalkartnews.com

Contact Raymond Dombeck through Central Baptist Church
5402 US Highway 49    Hattiesburg    MS    39401

 (601) 544-0186