Missionary Evangelist Raymond Dombeck

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the Beams Ministry help my church?

The primary purpose of the local church is to reach the world with the gospel. As a pastor, it is hard to find ministries that encourage your people in a world wide outreach, without taxing your local efforts.

The supplying of Bibles for those in need on foreign mission fields, gives the average churchgoer a sense of purpose and satisfaction. As they learn to give to the cause of Christ abroad, they begin to see local needs in a new light. Historically, efforts like this often result in improved morale and increased local outreach.

Beams give every member of the church an easy way to get involved. God blesses a church as it gives toward the spreading of the Word of God.   More info...

For further information on Beams Bible Ministries see: www.beamsbibles.org

2. How will the chalk art presentation help my church?

The illustrated chalk sermon produces a lasting impact on the listeners, as people will retain more of what they see than what they hear. The chalk art service provides an excellent opportunity for attracting unsaved visitors to church, who normally would not come. WHEN A CHURCH HAS BROTHER RAY FOR A MEETING the pastor likes the results and usually invites him back again.   More info...

3. How do I contact Brother Ray?

Contact Raymond Dombeck through Central Baptist Church,
5402 Hwy. 49 - South, Hattiesburg, MS 39401-7806
(601) 544-0186

4. How can we best prepare for Brother Ray's Meeting

  • Stock up on visitors cards.
  • Clear an area on the platform.
  • Darken the Auditorium.
  • Advertise the meeting in the local media, (newspaper, radio, TV...)
  • Award the pictures to those who bring the most visitors.
  • Set up a large projection screen for missionary slides.
  • Provide a clean room for lodging. He will be traveling alone.
  • Send directions and phone numbers to the church
  • Provide a lapel microphone with fresh batteries.
  • Finally, bathe everything in prayer.

5. What expenses are involved in preparation for Brother Ray's ministry?

Although Brother Ray comes on a love offering basis, it is a great help when churches send a few dollars ahead to help with the expense of travel, gasoline, chalk, paper and lodging.

6. How can I order chalk supplies?

Paper, chalk and equipment can be ordered from Matthew Bowman: www.eternityarts.com
More info...


Contact Raymond Dombeck through Central Baptist Church
5402 US Highway 49    Hattiesburg    MS    39401

 (601) 544-0186